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[Patent] Analysis and Sorting of Objects in Flow

March 24, 2017



A device and method for sorting objects immersed in a flowing medium are disclosed. An example device comprises a holographic imaging unit comprising one or more holographic imaging elements, a fluid handling unit comprising one or more microfluidic channels configured to conduct flowing medium along a corresponding holographic imaging element and at least one microfluidic switch arranged downstream of an imaging region in the microfluidic channel configured to direct objects in the flowing medium into a one of a plurality of outlets. The example device also comprises a processor configured to determine real-time characterizations of holographic diffraction images obtained for the moving objects. The processing unit is further configured to control the at least one microfluidic switch in response to the real-time characterizations.


Document Type and Number: United States Patent Application 20170061619

Kind Code: A1



Lagae, Liesbet (Leuven, BE) 
Peumans, Peter (Herfelingen, BE) 
Verstreken, Kris (Schilde, BE) 
Vercruysse, Dries (Sint Andries, BE) 
Liu, Chengxun (Leuven, BE) 


Link to PDF: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20170061619.pdf

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