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[Patent] Fluid Connections Using Guide Mechanisms

March 21, 2017



Drop-to-drop connection schemes are described for putting a microfluidic device in fluidic communication with a fluid source or another microfluidic device. Methods for establishing fluid connections with guide mechanisms are described.


Document Type and Number:

United States Patent Application 20170056880

Kind Code: A1


Levner, Daniel (Brookline, MA, US) 
Sliz, Josiah Daniel (Boston, MA, US) 
Hinojosa, Christopher David (Cambridge, MA, US) 
Thompson, Guy Robert (Watertown, MA, US) 
Martinus Van, Ruijven Petrus Wilhelmus (Glen Waverley, AU) 
Solomon, Matthew Daniel (Hughesdale, AU) 
Potzner, Christian Alexander (Port Melbourne, AU) 
Tuohy, Patrick Sean (St. Kilda, AU) 
Gomes, Joshua (Somerville, MA, US) 


Link: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/y2017/0056880.html



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