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[Scientific Reports] Modelling and Realization of a Water-Gated Field Effect Transistor (WG-FET) Usi


We introduced a novel water-gated field effect transistor (WG-FET) which uses 16-nm-thick mono-Si film as active layer. WG-FET devices use electrical double layer (EDL) as gate insulator and operate under 1 V without causing any electrochemical reactions. Performance parameters based on voltage distribution on EDL are extracted and current-voltage relations are modelled. Both probe- and planar-gate WG-FETs with insulated and uninsulated source-drain electrodes are simulated, fabricated and tested. Best on/off ratios are measured for probe-gate devices as 23,000 A/A and 85,000 A/A with insulated and uninsulated source-drain electrodes, respectively. Planar-gate devices with source-drain insulation had inferior on/off ratio of 1,100 A/A with 600 μm gate distance and it decreased to 45 A/A when gate distance is increased to 3000 μm. Without source-drain electrode insulation, proper transistor operation is not obtained with planar-gate devices. All measurement results were in agreement with theoretical models. WG-FET is a promising device platform for microfluidic applications where sensors and read-out circuits can be integrated at transistor level.

Bedri Gurkan Sonmez, Ozan Ertop & Senol Mutlu Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 12190 (2017) doi:10.1038/s41598-017-12439-8

Link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-12439-8?WT.feed_name=subjects_materials-science

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