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[Patents] Microfluidic device for storage and well-defined arrangement of droplets


The present invention relates to systems and methods for the arrangement of droplets in pre-determined locations. Many applications require the collection of time-resolved data. Examples include the screening of cells based on their growth characteristics or the observation of enzymatic reactions. The present invention provides a tool and related techniques which addresses this need, and which can be used in many other situations. The invention provides, in one aspect, a tool that allows for stable storage and indexing of individual droplets. The invention can interface not only with microfluidic/microscale equipment, but with macroscopic equipment to allow for the easy injection of liquids and extraction of sample droplets, etc.

Publication number US20170225167 A1 Publication type Application Application number US 15/496,750 Publication date Aug 10, 2017 Filing date Apr 25, 2017 Inventors Christian Boehm, Amy Rowat, Sarah Koester, Jeremy Agresti, David A. Weitz

Link: https://www.google.com/patents/US20170225167

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