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[Patents] Meters for in-vivo monitoring


Systems and methods for use in monitoring treatment of pressure-related conditions, such as hydrocephalus, include an implantable vessel, and a meter including one or more microfluidic channels connected to the vessel. The microfluidic channels may be configured to detect at least one of pressure and fluid flow rate through the vessel and to be read out remotely by a wirelessly coupled external device. The meter may include a passive resonant (LC) circuit. A dynamic flap may be included in the microfluidic channel that may act as part of the LC circuit. An external device may also be configured to inductively couple remotely to the LC circuit, with-out physical connections to the implantable vessel or pressure meter, and to display a pressure acting on the pressure meter and/or a fluid flow through the meter.

Publication number US20170224968 A1 Publication type Application Application number US 15/497,382 Publication date Aug 10, 2017 Filing date Apr 26, 2017 Inventors Marcel Utz, George T. Gillies, William Broaddus, John A. Jane, Matthew R. Begley

Link: https://www.google.com/patents/US20170224968

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