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[Patent] Microfabricated structure having parallel and orthogonal flow channels controlled by row an


High-density microfluidic chips contain plumbing networks with thousands of micromechanical valves and hundreds of individually addressable chambers. These fluidic devices are analogous to electronic integrated circuits fabricated using large scale integration (LSI). A component of these networks is the fluidic multiplexor, which is a combinatorial array of binary valve patterns that exponentially increases the processing power of a network by allowing complex fluid manipulations with a minimal number of inputs. These integrated microfluidic networks can be used to construct a variety of highly complex microfluidic devices, for example the microfluidic analog of a comparator array, and a microfluidic memory storage device resembling electronic random access memories.

Publication number US9714443 B2 Publication type Grant Application number US 13/679,328 Publication date Jul 25, 2017 Filing date Nov 16, 2012 Priority date Sep 25, 2002 Also published as CA2500283A1, 12 More » Inventors Sebastian J. Maerkl, 4 More » Original Assignee California Institute Of Technology

Link: https://www.google.com/patents/US9714443

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