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[Sensors] Investigation into the Effect of Acoustic Radiation Force and Acoustic Streaming on Partic


Acoustic standing waves have been widely used in trapping, patterning, and manipulating particles, whereas one barrier remains: the lack of understanding of force conditions on particles which mainly include acoustic radiation force (ARF) and acoustic streaming (AS). In this paper, force conditions on micrometer size polystyrene microspheres in acoustic standing wave fields were investigated. The COMSOL® Mutiphysics particle tracing module was used to numerically simulate force conditions on various particles as a function of time. The velocity of particle movement was experimentally measured using particle imaging velocimetry (PIV). Through experimental and numerical simulation, the functions of ARF and AS in trapping and patterning were analyzed. It is shown that ARF is dominant in trapping and patterning large particles while the impact of AS increases rapidly with decreasing particle size. The combination of using both ARF and AS for medium size particles can obtain different patterns with only using ARF. Findings of the present study will aid the design of acoustic-driven microfluidic devices to increase the diversity of particle patterning. View Full-Text

Shilei Liu 1, Yanye Yang 1, Zhengyang Ni 1, Xiasheng Guo 1,* , Linjiao Luo 1, Juan Tu 1, Dong Zhang 1,2,* and and Jie Zhang 3 1 Key Laboratory of Modern Acoustics (MOE), Department of Physics, Collaborative Innovation Centre of Advanced Microstructure, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China 2 The State Key Laboratory of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 10080, China 3 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol, Bristol BS8 1TR, UK * Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed. Received: 10 June 2017 / Revised: 4 July 2017 / Accepted: 18 July 2017 / Published: 19 July 2017

Link: http://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/17/7/1664

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