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[Lab on a chip] Effects of diffusion and mixing pattern on microfluidic-assisted synthesis of chitos


Chitosan (CHI) nanoparticles present promising applications in pharmaceutical and biomedical fields, including drug and gene delivery. Among different approaches, microfluidics emerges as a resourceful tool for nanoparticle production in low-cost, reproducible processes with predictable fluid dynamics. However, microfluidic-assisted synthesis of CHI nanoparticles has not been widely explored in the literature. In this context, we systematically investigated different process parameters that influence the synthesis of CHI/ATP nanoparticles. We highlight the effects and limitations of diffusion and distinct mixing patterns developed through the microchannels on the final physicochemical characteristics of CHI/ATP nanoparticles produced. To address these hurdles, here we describe a simple, feasible, and reproducible method for the production of CHI/ATP nanoparticles. This strategy enables the development of a continuous and homogeneous production process for CHI nanoparticles to be applied in the most varied fields of research.

Amanda C. S. N. Pessoa,a Caroline C. Sipoliab and Lucimara G. de la Torre*a Author affiliations * Corresponding authors a University of Campinas, UNICAMP, School of Chemical Engineering, PO BOX 6066 13083-852, Campinas, Brazil E-mail: latorre@feq.unicamp.br b Federal University of Technology – Paraná, UTFPR, Chemical Engineering, Apucarana, Brazil

Link: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/2017/LC/C7LC00291B#!divAbstract

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