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[Patent] Microfluidic Probe for Modulating Insertion of Liquid Spacers


A microfluidic probe is disclosed. The microfluidic probe includes a probe head, a liquid spacer supply and a spacer modulation unit. The probe head may include a processing liquid channel in fluid communication with a processing liquid aperture provided on a face of the probe head. The probe head is configured to transport, circulate, recirculate, or move some processing liquid in (or via) the processing liquid channel toward and/or from the processing liquid aperture. The spacer supply is fluidly connected, via a spacer insertion junction, to the processing liquid channel. The spacer supply is configured for inserting liquid spacers into the processing liquid channel, via the spacer insertion junction. Liquid volumes can be obtained, which are separated by inserted liquid spacers. The spacer modulation unit is configured to control the spacer supply, to modulate the insertion of spacers via the spacer supply. Related devices and methods of operation are disclosed.

Document Type and Number: United States Patent Application 20170100717 Kind Code: A1

Inventors: Autebert, Julien (Rueschlikon, CH) Cors, Julien (Rueschlikon, CH) Delamarche, Emmanuel (Rueschlikon, CH) Kaigala, Govind (Rueschlikon, CH) Van Kooten, Xander Frank (Rueschlikon, CH)

Link: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/y2017/0100717.html

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