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[Patent] Integrated Nucleic Acid Analysis


The present disclosure provides fully integrated microfluidic systems to perform nucleic acid analysis. These processes include sample collection, nucleic acid extraction and purification, amplification, sequencing, and separation and detection. The present disclosure also provides optical detection systems and methods for separation and detection of biological molecules. In particular, the various aspects of the invention enable the simultaneous separation and detection of a plurality of biological molecules, typically fluorescent dye-labeled nucleic acids, within one or a plurality of microfluidic chambers or channels. The nucleic acids can be labeled with at least 6 dyes, each having a unique peak emission wavelength. The present systems and methods are particularly useful for DNA fragment sizing applications such as human identification by genetic fingerprinting and DNA sequencing applications such as clinical diagnostics.

Document Type and Number: United States Patent Application 20170100718 Kind Code: A1

Inventors: Tan, Eugene (Arlington, MA, US) Lam, Heung Chuan (Newton, MA, US) Bogdanov, Valery Leonidovich (Woburn, MA, US) Kellogg, Gregory John (Cambridge, MA, US) Wright, John A. (Billerica, MA, US) Thomann, Ulrich Hans (Stow, MA, US) Selden, Richard F. (Lincoln, MA, US)

Link: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/y2017/0100718.html

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