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[Lab on a chip] Rapid large area fabrication of multiscale through-hole membranes


There are many proposed mechanisms by which single cells can be trapped; among them is the through-hole membrane for the characterization of individual microorganisms. Due to the small scale of the fabricated pores, the construction of through-hole membranes on a large scale and with relatively large areas faces many difficulties. This paper describes novel fabrication methods for a large-area, freestanding micro/nano through-hole membrane constructed from versatile membrane materials using through-hole membranes on a microfluidic chip (THMMC). This process can rapidly (<20 min) fabricate membranes with high fidelity multiscale hole size without residual layers. The through-hole site was easily customizable from the micro to the nanoscale, with a low or high aspect ratio giving rise to reliable membranes. Also, the rigidity and biocompatibility of the through-hole membrane are easily tunable by simple injection of versatile membrane materials to obtain a large area (up to 3600 mm2). Membranes produced in this manner were then applied as a proof of concept for the isolation, cultivation, and quantification of individual micro-algal cells for selection with respect to the growth rate, while controlling the quorum sensing mediated metabolic and proliferative changes.

Dongha Tahk,ab Sang-Min Paik,d Jungeun Lim,ab Seokyoung Bang,ab Soojung Oh,a Hyunryul Ryua and Noo Li Jeon*abcd Author affiliations * Corresponding authors a School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-744, Korea E-mail: njeon@snu.ac.kr Fax: +82 2 880 7119 Tel: +82 2 880 7111 b World Class University Program on Multiscale Mechanical Design, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-742, Korea c Institute of Advanced Machines and Design, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea d Interdisciplinary Program for Bioengineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Link: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/2017/LC/C7LC00363C#!divAbstract

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