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[Patent] Microfluidic Device for Detecting Cells of Blood


An microfluidic device includes a substrate (1) having a wandering groove (12) formed on a first surface (11) thereof; a shielding member (2) abutting on the first surface and covering the groove to form a flow channel (101) to deliver blood; an inlet (14) at one end of the flow channel for introducing the blood into the flow channel; and an outlet (16) at another end of the flow channel for discharging the blood. The flow channel (101) has a detecting region (102) for the blood passing through separately, the detecting region includes an entry (1021) for a single cell entering into at a time and an exit (1022) for a single cell exiting out at a time. A pair of electrodes (211) are disposed between the entry (1021) and the exit (1022) to detect the cells (200) of the blood.

Inventors: Lee, Genn-sheng (New Taipei, TW) Application Number: 14/869942 Publication Date: 03/30/2017 Filing Date: 09/29/2015

Document Type and Number: United States Patent Application 20170087550 Kind Code: A1

Link: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/y2017/0087550.html

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