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[Scientific Report] Deterministic bead-in-droplet ejection utilizing an integrated plug-in bead disp


This paper presents a deterministic bead-in-droplet ejection (BIDE) technique that regulates the precise distribution of microbeads in an ejected droplet. The deterministic BIDE was realized through the effective integration of a microfluidic single-particle handling technique with a liquid dispensing system. The integrated bead dispenser facilitates the transfer of the desired number of beads into a dispensing volume and the on-demand ejection of bead-encapsulated droplets. Single bead–encapsulated droplets were ejected every 3 s without any failure. Multiple-bead dispensing with deterministic control of the number of beads was demonstrated to emphasize the originality and quality of the proposed dispensing technique. The dispenser was mounted using a plug-socket type connection, and the dispensing process was completely automated using a programmed sequence without any microscopic observation. To demonstrate a potential application of the technique, bead-based streptavidin–biotin binding assay in an evaporating droplet was conducted using ultralow numbers of beads. The results evidenced the number of beads in the droplet crucially influences the reliability of the assay. Therefore, the proposed deterministic bead-in-droplet technology can be utilized to deliver desired beads onto a reaction site, particularly to reliably and efficiently enrich and detect target biomolecules.

Hojin Kim, In Ho Choi, Sanghyun Lee, Dong-Joon Won, Yong Suk Oh, Donghoon Kwon, Hyung Jin Sung, Sangmin Jeon & Joonwon Kim Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 46260 (2017) doi:10.1038/srep46260

Link: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep46260?WT.ec_id=SREP-639-20170411&spMailingID=53826138&spUserID=ODkwMTM2NjQzMgS2&spJobID=1141768957&spReportId=MTE0MTc2ODk1NwS2

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