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[Electrophoresis] Aptamer entrapment in microfluidic channel using one-step sol-gel process, in view


There is a great demand for integrating sample treatment into micro total analysis systems. In this context, we developed a new sol-gel phase for extraction of trace compounds in complex matrices. For this purpose, the incorporation of aptamers in silica-based gel within PDMS/glass microfluidic channels was performed for the first time by a one-step sol-gel process. The effective gel attachment onto microchannel walls and aptamer incorporation in the polymerized gel were evaluated using fluorescence microscopy. A good gel stability and aptamer incorporation inside the microchannel was demonstrated upon rinsing and over storage time. The ability of gel-encapsulated aptamers to interact with its specific target (either sulforhodamine B as model fluorescent target, or diclofenac, a pain killer drug) was assessed too. The binding capacity of entrapped aptamers was quantified (in the micromolar range) and the selectivity of the interaction was evidenced. Preservation of aptamers binding affinity to target molecules was therefore demonstrated. Dissociation constant of the aptamer-target complex and interaction selectivity were evaluated similar to those in bulk solution. This opens the way to new selective on-chip solid-phase extraction techniques for sample pretreatment.

Camille Perréard, Fanny d'Orlyé, Sophie Griveau, Baohong Liu, Fethi Bedioui, Anne Varenne Accepted manuscript online: 30 March 2017Full publication history DOI: 10.1002/elps.201600575

Link: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/elps.201600575/full

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