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[Scientific Report] Quasi-stokeslet induced by thermoplasmonic Marangoni effect around a water vapor


Rapid Marangoni flows around a water vapor microbubble (WVMB) is investigated using the thermoplasmonic effect of a gold nanoisland film (GNF). By focusing a laser onto the GNF, a stable WVMB with a diameter of ~10 μm is generated in degassed water, while an air bubble generated in non-degassed water is larger than 40 μm. Under continuous heating, the WVMB involves significantly rapid Marangoni flow. This flow is well-described by a stokeslet sat ~10 μm above the surface of GNF, from which the maximum flow speed around the WVMB is estimated to exceed 1 m/s. This rapid flow generation is attributed to the small bubble size, over which the temperature is graded, and the superheat at the bubble surface in contact with the GNF. It is expected to be useful not only for microfluidic mixing but also for fundamental research on viscous flow induced by a single stokeslet.

Kyoko Namura, Kaoru Nakajima & Motofumi Suzuki Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 45776 (2017) doi:10.1038/srep45776

Link: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep45776

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