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[Patent] Neural probe structure comprising cover element where fluid delivery channel is formed


A neural probe structure has a probe having a microfluidic channel. The probe is inserted into an inside of a subject. A body to which the probe is fixed has a fluid entrance communicating with the microfluidic channel. A cover element is fixed to the body to cover the fluid entrance. The cover element has a connecting opening to which an external conduit is connected, and a fluid delivery channel extending such that the connecting opening and the fluid entrance are in fluid communication. A fluid fed from the external conduit flows along the fluid delivery channel, goes into the fluid entrance, and is delivered to the subject through the microfluidic channel.

Publication number US20170065764 A1 Publication type Application Application number US 15/250,469 Publication date Mar 9, 2017 Filing date Aug 29, 2016 Priority date Sep 3, 2015 Inventors Il-Joo Cho, Eui Sung Yoon, Hyogeun SHIN, Uikyu CHAE, Hyunjoo Jenny LEE Original Assignee Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

Link: https://www.google.com/patents/US20170065764

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