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[Patent] Multilayer hydrodynamic sheath flow structure


A microfabricated sheath flow structure for producing a sheath flow includes a primary sheath flow channel for conveying a sheath fluid, a sample inlet for injecting a sample into the sheath fluid in the primary sheath flow channel, a primary focusing region for focusing the sample within the sheath fluid and a secondary focusing region for providing additional focusing of the sample within the sheath fluid. The secondary focusing region may be formed by a flow channel intersecting the primary sheath flow channel to inject additional sheath fluid into the primary sheath flow channel from a selected direction. A sheath flow system may comprise a plurality of sheath flow structures operating in parallel on a microfluidic chip.

Publication number US20170066605 A1 Publication type Application Application number US 15/269,556 Publication date Mar 9, 2017 Filing date Sep 19, 2016 Priority date Oct 30, 2003 Also published as CA2544002A1, 18 More » Inventors John R. Gilbert, Manish Deshpande, Bernard Bunner Original Assignee Cytonome/St, Llc

Link: https://www.google.com/patents/US20170066605

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