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[Patent] Method of crystallization in aqueous plugs flowing in immiscible carrier-fluid in microflui


A method of crystallization is disclosed, the method comprises the steps of providing a microfluidic system comprising at least three channels having at least one junction; providing within the at least three channels a continuously flowing water-immiscible carrier-fluid, a continuously flowing first aqueous fluid comprising a crystallization target, and a continuously flowing second aqueous fluid comprising a precipitant; forming at least one plug comprising the first and second aqueous fluids by partitioning the aqueous fluids with the flowing carrier-fluid at the junction of the at least three channels, flowing the at least one plug through an outlet port into a tubing, and stopping the flow of the at least one plug in the tubing, wherein the crystallization target forms a crystal in the tubing.

Publication number US9592506 B2 Publication type Grant Application number US 14/517,602 Publication date Mar 14, 2017 Filing date Oct 17, 2014 Inventors Rustem F. Ismagilov, Joshua David Tice, Cory John Gerdts, Bo Zheng Original Assignee The University Of Chicago

Link: https://www.google.com/patents/US9592506

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