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[Patent] Measuring concentration of analytes in liquid samples using surface-enhanced raman spectros


A hand-held microfluidic testing device is provided that includes a housing having a cartridge receiving port and a cartridge for input to the cartridge receiving port. An optical detection system in the housing is capable of providing an illuminated electric field useful for Raman spectroscopy. The cartridge may have a sample well. The sample well is loaded with a mixture of water containing the analyte, Raman-scattering nanoparticles and a calibration solution. The calibration solution contains an analogue of the analyte differing in its Raman response, for example an isotope of the analyte. Optionally, a chemical compound capable of increasing interaction between the analyte and the nanoparticles may be added.

Publication numberUS20170074799 A1

Publication typeApplication

Application numberUS 15/267,708

Publication dateMar 16, 2017

Filing dateSep 16, 2016

InventorsMark Charles Peterman, 3 More »

Original AssigneeOndavia, Inc.

Link: https://www.google.com/patents/US20170074799

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