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[Patent] Dynamic biological and chemical sensor interfaces


A dynamic sensor interface is provided. Such a dynamic sensor interface may include a reaction layer that includes a biological-based or chemical-based ink that reacts in response to a molecule of interest, a porous membrane that allows for the molecule of interest to pass through to a side that is in contact with the reaction layer, and an adhesive substrate. The reaction of the ink may include a change in a visual appearance of the ink, such as a change in color, transparency, movement within the reaction layer, three-dimensional expansion, three-dimensional contraction, or a tactile change. The reaction layer may include one or more microfluidic channels arranged in a predetermined arrangement such that movement through the microfluidic channels visually indicates detection of the molecule of interest. The reaction of the ink may further include a change in an olfactory property or a thermal property.

Publication number US20170071536 A1 Publication type Application Application number US 15/358,415 Publication date Mar 16, 2017 Filing date Nov 22, 2016 Inventors Skylar Jackson Eagle Tibbits, Carlos Edel Olguin, Marcelo Henrique Coelho, Tal Danino Original Assignee Bioink Corporation

Link: https://www.google.com/patents/US20170071536

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