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[Future Science OA] An integrated versatile lab-on-a-chip platform for the isolation and nucleic aci


Aim: Processing of the samples in molecular diagnostics is complex and labor-intensive. An integrated and automated platform for sample preparation and nucleic acid-based detection can significantly relieve this burden for the users.

Results: We present a prototype of a versatile and integrated platform for the detection of pathogens in various liquid media. We describe a proof-of-concept for the integrated isolation of bacteria, cell lysis with optional DNA extraction, DNA amplification and detection in two different reactions, loop-mediated isothermal amplification and PCR, on a single microfluidic platform.

Conclusion: The platform enables the transition from large sample volume to microfluidic format. The design and open interface enable its versatile application for various nucleic acid-based assays, from simple to complex setups.

Lay abstract

DNA-based detection of the pathogens in liquid samples demands many complex steps, various pieces of equipment, and experienced personnel. We developed and demonstrated a platform that can perform these steps automatically on a single instrument. This can enable molecular diagnostics in the places and situations where it was not possible before.

Natalia Sandetskaya*,1, Doreen Moos1, Harald Pötter2, Stefan Seifert2, Marcin Jenerowicz2, Holger Becker3, Christian Zilch4 & Dirk Kuhlmeier1

Link: http://www.future-science.com/doi/abs/10.4155/fsoa-2016-0088

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