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[Book] Advances in Microfluidics - New Applications in Biology, Energy, and Materials Sciences

Increasing innovations and applications make microfluidics a versatile choice for researchers in many disciplines. This book consists of multiple review chapters that aim to cover recent advances and new applications of microfluidics in biology, electronics, energy, and materials sciences. It provides comprehensive views of various aspects of microfluidics ranging from fundamentals of fabrication, flow control, and droplet manipulation to the most recent exploration in emerging areas such as material synthesis, imaging and novel spectroscopy, and marriage with electronics. The chapters have many illustrations showcasing exciting results. This book should be useful for those who are eager to learn more about microfluidics as well as researchers who want to pick up new concepts and developments in this fast-growing field.

Chapter 1 Advances in Low Volume Sample Analysis Using Microfluidic Separation Techniques by Virginie Houbart and Marianne Fillet Chapter 2 Molecular Microfluidic Bioanalysis: Recent Progress in Preconcentration, Separation, and Detection by Emmanuel Roy, Antoine Pallandre, Bacem Zribi, Marie-Charlotte Horny, François-Damien Delapierre, Andrea Cattoni, Jean Gamby and Anne-Marie Haghiri-Gosnet Chapter 3 Application of Microfluidics in Stem Cell Culture by Shinji Sugiura, Kohji Nakazawa, Toshiyuki Kanamori and Kiyoshi Ohnuma Chapter 4 Advanced Microfluidic Assays for Caenorhabditis elegans by Natalia A. Bakhtina, Neil MacKinnon and Jan G. Korvink Chapter 5 Microfluidics for Ultrafast Spectroscopy by Adrien A. P. Chauvet Chapter 6 Flow-Scanning Microfluidic Imaging by Nicolas Pégard, Chien-Hung Lu, Marton Toth, Monica Driscoll and Jason Fleischer Chapter 7 Integrated Control of Microfluidics – Application in Fluid Routing, Sensor Synchronization, and Real-Time Feedback Control by Elishai Ezra, Danny Bavli and Yaakov Nahmias Chapter 8 Microfluidics for Soft Electronics by Babak Taghavi, Jiantong Li, Mikael Östling and Shi Cheng Chapter 9 Microfluidic Sensors and Circuits for Internet of Things Applications by John Yan Chapter 10 Electroosmotic Flow Pump by Meng Gao and Lin Gui Chapter 11 Laser-Based Fabrication for Microfluidics Devices on Glass for Medical Applications by Daniel Nieto García and Gerard O’Connor Chapter 12 Microfluidics in Membraneless Fuel Cells by Jesus A. Diaz-Real, Minerva Guerra-Balcázar, Noe Arjona, Francisco Cuevas-Muñiz, Luis Gerardo Arriaga and Janet Ledesma-García Chapter 13 Microfluidics in CO2 Capture, Sequestration, and Applications by Taotao Fu Chapter 14 Generation and Evaporation of Microsprays by Chin-Tai Chen Chapter 15 Overview of Materials for Microfluidic Applications by Emmanuel Roy, Antoine Pallandre, Bacem Zribi, Marie‐Charlotte Horny, François Damien Delapierre, Andrea Cattoni, Jean Gamby and Anne‐Marie Haghiri‐Gosnet Chapter 16 Synthesis of Functional Materials by Non-Newtonian Microfluidic Multiphase System by Yong Ren, Kai Seng Koh and Yaping Zhang Chapter 17 High and Efficient Production of Nanomaterials by Microfluidic Reactor Approaches by Victor Sebastian Cabeza

Link: http://www.intechopen.com/books/advances-in-microfluidics-new-applications-in-biology-energy-and-materials-sciences

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