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[Patent] Plastic Microfluidic Separation and Detection Platforms


Plastic electrophoresis separation chips are provided comprising a plurality of microfluidic channels and a detection window, where the detection window comprises a thin plastic; and the detection window comprises a detection region of each microfluidic channel. Such chips can be bonded to a support provided an aperture is provided in the support to allow detection of samples in the electrophoresis chip at the thin plastic detection window. Further, methods for electrophoretically separating and detecting a plurality of samples on the plastic electrophoresis separation chip are described.

Document Type and Number: United States Patent Application 20170067100

Kind Code: A1


Tan, Eugene (Lexington, MA, US) Kan, Cheulk Wai (Boston, MA, US) Lam, Heung Chuan (Newton, MA, US)

Link to PDF: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20170067100.pdf

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