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[Scientific Report] Dynamic monitoring of membrane nanotubes formation induced by vaccinia virus on


Membrane nanotubes (MNTs) are physical connections for intercellular communication and induced by various viruses. However, the formation of vaccinia virus (VACV)-induced MNTs has never been studied. In this report, VACV-induced MNTs formation process was monitored on a microfluidic chip equipped with a series of side chambers, which protected MNTs from fluidic shear stress. MNTs were formed between susceptible cells and be facilitated by VACV infection through three patterns. The formed MNTs varied with cell migration and virus concentration. The length of MNTs was positively correlated with the distance of cell migration. With increasing virus titer, the peak value of the ratio of MNT-carried cell appeared earlier. The immunofluorescence assay indicated that the rearrangement of actin fibers induced by VACV infection may lead to the formation of MNTs. This study presents evidence for the formation of MNTs induced by virus and helps us to understand the relationship between pathogens and MNTs.

Min Xiao, Na Xu, Cheng Wang, Dai-Wen Pang & Zhi-Ling Zhang

Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 44835 (2017) doi:10.1038/srep44835

Link: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep44835

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