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[Conference Proceedings] Characterization of jet formation and flow field produced by tandem bubbles


Tandem bubble (TB) interactions have been shown to produce directional jets that can be used to create membrane poration on single cells. Jet speed and associated flow field produced around the TB have been postulated to play an important role in TB–induced bioeffects. In this study, dynamics of tandem bubble interaction in a microfluidic channel (25 µm in height) was analyzed by high-speed imaging and simulated using 3DYNAFS-BEM© (DYNAFLOW, INC.). The results suggest that jet size and geometry are primarily controlled by the maximum diameter of the first bubble (D1) while jet speed is about linearly correlated with maximum diameter of the second bubble (D2).

Chen Yang1, Andrew S. Koff1, Fang Yuan1, Pei Zhong1, Chao-Tsung Hsiao2, and Georges L. Chahine2 AIP Conference Proceedings 1821, 090003 (2017); doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4977637

1Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27708, USA 2DYNAFLOW, INC., Jessup, MD 20794, USA

Link: http://aip.scitation.org/doi/abs/10.1063/1.4977637

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