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[Patent] Chromatography Apparatus Having Diffusion-Bonded and Surface-Modified Components


A microfluidic device for separating a sample by chromatography includes diffusion bonded metallic sheets joined together to create a hermetically sealed interface between each adjacent metallic sheet without the introduction of a secondary material. Enclosed within the diffusion bonded sheets is a separation channel accessible by at least one of an inlet or an outlet. The separation channel is packed with micrometer-sized particles serving as a stationary phase in a chromatographic separation. Wetted surfaces of the separation channel include a coating of an organic material at least one monolayer thick.

United States Patent Application 20170038350


Bunner, Bernard (Newton, MA, US) Dourdeville, Theodore A. (Providence, RI, US)

Link: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/y2017/0038350.html

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