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[Presentation] Interesting animation on microfluidics

Here is an interesting animation on microfluidics.

"Welcome to the European Micro Cup - the scientific game of microfluidics! The three episodes each represent your ticket to a whole new dimension of micro-scale technology. In this episode you will learn how microfluidics work, why it might be safer visiting a micro-arena instead of a macro-arena and how microfluidics will change the future of the scientific game.For more information visit http://www.worldofmicrofluidics.com/, http://www.eurombr.nu/ and http://www.biointense.nu/

Microfluidics is a field of science that connects engineering, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnology and biotechnology. It allows for precise control and manipulation of very small amounts of fluids and it is mostly used for developing e.g. inkjet print heads, DNA chips and lab-on-a-chip technology.

The animated short movie episodes "European Micro Cup, World of Microfludics" were initiated by the EUROMBR and BioIntense research project."

Description from Youtube.


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