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[Jove]Modeling Ovarian Cancer Multicellular Spheroid Behavior in a Dynamic 3D Peritoneal Microdevice


Ovarian cancer is characterized by extensive peritoneal metastasis, with tumor spheres commonly found in the malignant ascites. This is associated with poor clinical outcomes and currently lacks effective treatment. Both the three-dimensional (3D) environment and the dynamic mechanical forces are very important factors in this metastatic cascade. However, traditional cell cultures fail to recapitulate this natural tumor microenvironment. Thus, in vivo-like models that can emulate the intraperitoneal environment are of obvious importance. In this study, a new microfluidic platform of the peritoneum was set up to mimic the situation of ovarian cancer spheroids in the peritoneal cavity during metastasis. Ovarian cancer spheroids generated under a non-adherent condition were cultured in microfluidic channels coated with peritoneal mesothelial cells subjected to physiologically relevant shear stress. In summary, this dynamic 3D ovarian cancer-mesothelium microfluidic platform can provide new knowledge on basic cancer biology and serve as a platform for potential drug screening and development.

Li, S. S., Ip, C. K., Tang, M. Y., Sy, S. K., Yung, S., Chan, T. M., et al. Modeling Ovarian Cancer Multicellular Spheroid Behavior in a Dynamic 3D Peritoneal Microdevice. J. Vis. Exp. (120), e55337, doi:10.3791/55337 (2017).

Link: https://www.jove.com/video/55337/modeling-ovarian-cancer-multicellular-spheroid-behavior-dynamic-3d

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