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A system and method for sample droplet processing, the system including a substrate, an electrode array network coupled to the substrate and configured to provide a pattern of controlled electric fields for manipulation of the set of sample droplets; a first layer in communication with the electrode array network, the first layer separating the electrode array network from fluid of the set of sample droplets; and a second layer opposing the first layer and displaced from the first layer to define a region wherein droplets of the set of sample droplets can reside. In some variations, the system can additionally include an electronics subsystem coupled to at least one of the substrate and the electrode array network, and a control module in communication with the electronics subsystem, wherein the control module generates and manipulates the pattern of controlled electric fields.


Apte, Zachary (San Francisco, CA, US) Saichek, Nathan (San Francisco, CA, US) Richman, Jessica (San Francisco, CA, US)

United States Patent Application 20170038368

Patent Link: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20170038368.pdf

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