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[Conference] Microfluidics, Physics & Chemistry of Microfluidic Phenomena and Global Challenges

Date: Monday June 3 - Tuesday June 4, 2017


Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Lucca (Barga), Italy

Host: Gordon Research Conferences

Link: https://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=14778

Overview (from Link above):

The Gordon Research Seminar on Physics and Chemistry of Microfluidics is a unique forum for graduate students, post-docs, and other scientists with comparable levels of experience and education to present and exchange new data and cutting edge ideas. Pursuit of scientific discovery without a preconceived agenda is critical for advancing human knowledge and technological innovation. Indeed, this is evidenced through the theoretical and experimental discoveries that have shaped microfluidics into a field that bridges fundamental inquiry with impactful applications. Even so, society faces a growing list of challenges—clean water, energy, environmental remediation, and healthcare—which require the research focus of scientists and engineers. This seminar seeks to provoke thoughtful discourse on the role of microfluidics in generating solutions for these challenges through both theoretical and technological creativity. Specifically, the focus of this meeting is to provide a forum to communicate the most recent fundamental and applied advances in micro- and nanofluidics. United in the utilization of novel fluid physics, topic areas of interest include traditional areas such as analyte detection/sensing, point-of-care diagnostics, and cell characterization as well as emerging areas including material synthesis, additive manufacturing, and energy storage/generation. By bringing together the emerging student and postdoc thought-leaders, the 2017 GRS offers a critical forum for providing unhindered, elucidative, and forward-looking discussions necessary for continued discovery and technological disruption in microfluidics. The meeting will also include a mentorship session with a small panel of faculty and industry experts for an open discussion on professional development and related topics of interest.


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